John's Counselling Service

Providing a safe space for you.

What I can promise you

My commitment to building the best possible communication between us.

To do the best I can to assist you to alleviate any emotional distress that you are feeling.

My commitment to an authentic human to human relationship without masks of expertise or technique.

That I will accept and value you as you are, to allow you to enter the healing process without fear of judgement.

To strive to reach empathic understanding of you, within a context of warm acceptance and care.

At all times, to treat you in an ethical manner in accordance with my professional responsibilities.

What I cannot promise you

Instant solutions to your difficulties: quick fixes that do not require work and effort from both of us.

That I will give instructions to you about what to do to put yourself right.


All information is kept strictly confidential except where doing so would involve the risk of harm to you or to others. In such a case I would make every effort to discuss the matter with you prior to taking action.

Some issues frequently considered in counselling

Here are some issues with which I have experience and which are frequently brought to counselling. This is not an exhaustive list: please feel free to discuss your particular concerns with me, and we can decide together if I am the best person for you.

Relationship or family difficulties; emotional difficulties; sex and sexuality; gender issues; anxiety and / or depression; grief, loss, bereavement; divorce and separation. Substance misuse; dementia; carer's difficulties; career or work stresses.

At present I offer counselling only to adults (18 or over) and I do not offer couples or family counselling currently. Due to other commitments I offer evening and weekend appointments only. I am pleased to consider appointments at unsocial hours.


Individual counselling £45 per hour. (Initial consultation one hour free of charge.)

Trainee Counsellors individual counselling £35 per hour. (Initial consultation one hour free of charge.)